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Bargaining Council for the Contract Cleaning Services Industry


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The core object of the Council is to establish and maintain fair and equitable industrial relations and conditions of employment for our Industry, and forming an essential bargaining forum with which to strive to create fair conditions of competition and socio-economic development.


  1. Commitment to interest-based bargaining and utilising the following principles:
    (a) Focus on issues, not personalities and not politics.
    (b) Focus on interests, not positions.
    (c) Create options to satisfy mutual and separate interests.
    (d) Evaluate options with objective (or mutually agreed) standards.
  2. All parties strive to increase representativity.
  3. Aim to create a scale of common benefits acceptable to all players in the            Industry.
  4. The Council is to develop an efficient and effective dispute resolution function.
  5. Special attention to be given to the training of employees and employers and improving the productiveness in the Industry.

General Secretary
Mr S Venter

Council Delegates

Chairman                        Mr G Featherby
Vice Chairman              TBA

Full Council Representatives Employee Party


J. Mhlongo


S. Mbambo
N. Makhoba


X. Sisilane
R. Mkwanazi


G. Featherby
A. Gibb
P. Judkins
S. Mzelemu
C. Sillifant


N. Mtshali